What's New in Beacon Beta 26

Everything. Everything is new. Beta 26 should be one of the final betas, now that Beacon is really ready to show off.

Nitrado Integration

Beacon can now directly control your PC, Xbox, and PS4 Nitrado servers! This makes updating your server a breeze, as Beacon can update the ini files and general settings automatically. It'll even restart the server for you!

Tuned Loot Quality

Beacon uses a new formula to calculate loot quality. If you've complained about loot being low quality before, this is the build for you.

Improved Document Management

You can now save and edit Beacon documents directly within Beacon's cloud. Or you can keep storing your Beacon documents on your computer. Your choice.

Context-Sensitive Help

Got questions? The sidebar on the right shows help based on whatever you're looking at.

More Config Types

Beacon can now edit both your server's difficulty and loot quality scaling. These are just the beginning too. Expect more config types coming after the full release.

Fewer Dialogs

A lot of effort has been spent to reduce the number of dialogs "modal" dialogs - those that block your use of the program until you're finished with them. Instead, a new notifications drawer will alert you of problems so you can deal with them on your terms. Plus, the notifications drawer can receive messages from the Beacon server, alerting you to things like engram updates and important information.

Multi-Device Support

Did you know Beacon files have an encrypted section that only decrypt on the computer which created them? It stores things like Nitrado access tokens and FTP passwords. Well Beacon also allows you to create an account to sign in with a username and password, which allows you to decrypt those documents on any computer you've signed into. You can also access any of your cloud documents this way.

Presets and Engrams Take Center Stage

No more hiding in a separate "Library" window, presets and engrams are found at any time using the drawer on the left.

Simulator View

See how your changes affect loot selection in real time. Now you can simulate selection for an entire loot source.

Windows 64-Bit Support, Windows Rendering Improvements, and Mac Dark Mode Support

Like the Mac version, the Windows version of Beacon is now 64-bit. What does this mean for you? Not much really. What you will notice is smoother drawing on Windows - much less flicker - and support for Dark Mode on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave.

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