Changing Creature Damage and Resistance

Note: This feature requires Beacon Omni.

Beacon can boost (or reduce) the health and damage of creatures on a creature-by-creature basis, replace one creature spawn with another, or remove a creature from the map entirely. This guide will walk you through the Creature Adjustments editor available in Beacon 1.2 and later.

The default empty creature adjustments editor

Defining an Adjustment

Press the plus button in the upper left to begin defining a new creature adjustment. Your default editor will look like this:

The creature adjustment editor before selecting a creature

First press the Choose button next to Creature to select the creature to change.

Click the Choose button to select a creature

Once a creature has been selected, you must choose what to do with the creature.

Change Multipliers

These options allow you to adjust the damage and resistance of the creature

The four multipliers can be adjusted to tune the creature. Damage is the damage dealt by the creature, and Resistance is the damage blocked by the creature. Wild values do not affected tamed creatures, and tamed values do not affect wild creatures. This means a creature with 2.0 wild damage and 1.0 tamed damage will basically lose damage once tamed.

For those familiar with the StructureResistanceMultiplier setting, where < 1.0 means decreased damage, creature resistance works the opposite. This value is the divisor in the damage equation. So if a creature is about to be hurt by 100 damage, divide that 100 by the resistance multiplier to get the actual damage applied. For example, 100 / 2 = 50, 100 / 0.5 = 200, and 100 / 0 = NaN. In that last case, Ark simply kills the creature upon any damage at all.

Replace Creature

Beacon allows you to replace one creature with another

This option presets you with another Choose button allowing you to pick the replacement dino. Be aware that users have reported mixed success with this option however. In theory, it should be possible to replace all Dodos with Gigas to completely ruin a server. In practice, it appears the replacement creatures are still bound by their spawn point rules and limits. This means replacing a creature with one that does not normally spawn on the map may not spawn either creature at all.

Disable Creature

Disabling a creature has no options

On the other hand, disabling a creature is reliable. Once disabled, it may be necessary to wipe the wild creatures off the map, but no new disabled creatures will spawn.

This editor affects the following Ark config keys: DinoClassDamageMultipliers, DinoClassResistanceMultipliers, NPCReplacements, TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers, and TamedDinoClassResistanceMultipliers
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