How to Change Stack Sizes

Note: This feature requires Beacon Omni.

Support for setting stack sizes is very new to Ark, so this editor is a bit experimental. Just keep that in mind.

Global Stack Size Multiplier

To increase all stack sizes, use the Global Stack Size Multiplier at the top of the list. This applies to every item not explicitly overridden in the list below it. Values greater than 1 will increase stack sizes, so of course values less than 1 will decrease stack sizes.

For example, Raw Meat usually stacks to 20, so setting the Global Stack Size Multiplier to 2.0 will cause Raw Meat to stack to 40.

Per-Item Stack Size Overrides

That is, unless Raw Meat is overridden with a different stack size. First, click the Add Button button at the top of the stack size editor. When presented with a list of engrams, find Raw Meat, select it, and press the Select button.

When adding an engram to the list, Beacon always defaults it to a size of 100. This override takes effect after the global multiplier, so even if the multiplier is set to 2.0, the stack size would still be 100, not 200.

The stack size in the list can be clicked to be edited.

Duplicating Overrides

To make life easier, such as when updating the stack sizes of each type of bullet, selecting an engram in the override list will cause the duplicate button to light up. This button is right next to the new override button, and looks like Duplicate Button.

This will show a selection dialog similar to before, but this time there is a list on the right. This dialog allows you to select multiple engrams. Just find as many as you like in the list and press the >> button to add them to the list on the right. The << button will remove them from the "Selected Engrams" list. Pressing the Select button will duplicate the original stack size override into each of the newly selected engrams.

Recommended Usage

Most server admins prefer to keep the Global Stack Size Multiplier at 1.0 and explicitly override the engrams they want to change. Ark appears to do weird things when single stack items, like Prime Meat, get their stack size increased. There have been reports of crop plots consuming entire stacks of fertilizer at once. For that reason, boosting the multiplier will probably cause more trouble than convenience, so overriding specific engrams is a better strategy.

This editor affects the following Ark config keys: ItemStackSizeMultiplier and ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity
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