How to Edit Crafting Costs

Note: This feature requires Beacon Omni.

Ark allows adjusting the requirements for crafting just about anything in the game, and Beacon will help you do it.

First, using the Config Type Menu, choose Crafting Costs to bring up the crafting costs editor.

Define a New Recipe

First, use the add button in the Engrams list to select an engram whose crafting cost you would like to replace. Find something to override, let's use Narcotics for this example. Select it and press Select or simply double-click it. This will create a red Narcotics row in the Engrams list because it has no ingredients. Let's add some.

Select Narcotic

In the Resources Required list, press the add button in the upper left. This time you'll be presented with a similar dialog, except there is a new section on the right. This dialog allows you to add multiple items at the same time. Find Narcoberry and either select it and press the >> to move it to the right list, or double-click it. Next find Spoiled Meat and do the same. The Selected Engrams list should show the two ingredients. Press the Select button to add them. This adds two rows to the Resources Required list.

Add Ingredients

On the right side of each ingredient is a Quantity column and a Require Exact column. Click the quantity for Narcoberry, then after the row is selected, click the quantity again. This will allow you to edit the value. Increase it to 2. At this point the recipe is now a cheaper version of the default recipe.


The Require Exact column, when checked, will not allow ingredient substitutions. In this case, leaving it unchecked allows Ascerbic Mushrooms to be used in the place of Narcoberries, since the two are interchangeable. When checked, only Narcoberries would be allowed.

At the time this tutorial was written, Beacon does not current support the "meta" ingredients, such as "any egg", "any artifact", and so on. These items will be added to Beacon in a future update.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Crafting Cost Editor supports copy and paste. You can copy ingredients from one recipe to another.
  • You can also duplicate recipes, which is convenient if you're trying to setup a fibercraft server, for example. Simply select a finished recipe, press the duplicate button in the Engrams list, and you'll be presented with the same multiple engram selection dialog. Select as many engrams as you want, and Beacon will clone the original recipe into all of them.
  • If you really need support for meta ingredients, you can add them to your copy of Beacon using the Adding Unsupported Engrams to Beacon instructions. Be warned that these meta items will appear in all your engrams lists though.
This editor affects the following Ark config key: ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts
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