Adding Mod Items

To start, find the cheat or spawn code for the item or items that need to be added. These will typically look like cheat giveitem Blueprint'/path/to/item' 1 1 false. Copy one or more to the clipboard. Do not worry about extra formatting, Beacon can extract the data it needs from as little as a single command or an entire web page full of commands.

For a temporary solution, when adding an engram to an item set the field up top labelled "Search or Enter Spawn Command" will accept the copied command or commands. The mod items will then show up in the list below.

For a more permanent solution, go to the Library drawer and select the Engrams icon to see the engrams manager. The engrams manager can import engrams from a website or file, but the easiest way is with the "Import from Clipboard" button. If the button is not enabled, that means Beacon did not find any copied spawn commands. Go back, copy one or more commands, and the button should enable.

When importing engrams from spawn commands, Beacon will guess at names. The engrams manager can be used to rename items or change map availability.

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