Item Quality Is Different Than Expected

Most importantly, Beacon must know the server difficulty in order to compute correct quality values. Below the Loot Sources list is a small gear icon used to adjust settings. Use any one of the three fields to input difficulty. There is a link to the wiki explaining more about difficulty if more help is needed.

If difficulty is set correctly, next make sure the server's Game.ini does not contain a SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier setting, or the value is set to 1.0. This setting will alter Beacon's values dramatically.

If both difficulty and quality multiplier are correct, the issue is likely just Ark itself. Best we as a community can determine, quality works in a number of steps:

  1. The item template is loaded. It has the following (made up) base stats: 100 durability, 100 defense, 100 hypothermal, and 100 hyperthermal.
  2. Each item has a pool of additional stat points to be allocated. For this example, the pool will be 10 points.
  3. Assuming a quality multiplier of 2.0, the additional point pool would be 20 points. These 20 points are then randomly distributed to the 4 stats. In this example, we'll give 10 points to durability, 5 to defense, 3 to hypothermal, and 2 to hyperthermal.
  4. Lastly, a single stat is measured to determine the label to give the item. Most items measure durability. Let's assume the range is 100-105 = Primitive, 106-110 = Ramshackle, and 111-120 = Apprentice. In this case, the item would be prefixed Ramshackle because the item's durability is 110.

Now, let's generate the same item with the same quality multiplier again:

  1. This time 3 points were given to durability, 10 points to defense, 5 points to hypothermal, and 2 points to hyperthermal. This item has exactly the same quality and total stats, but the stats are distributed differently. This is how loot generation works to ensure each item is unique.
  2. Because Ark is only measuring durability and this item's durability is only 103, it is given the Primitive prefix.

Beacon will produce the intended loot, but due to how Ark measures stats and assigns prefixes, it is impossible to guarantee a specific prefix

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