Website Update

On the quest to build a better Beacon, it became obvious the website needs some adjustments. So I'm pleased to launch this refreshed website for Beacon.

Here's a rundown of what I've created recently.

Browse & Build Configs

A surprising number of users are unable to actually run Beacon due to only having access to a mobile device or a Chromebook, so they come to the Discord channel looking for somebody to build an ini file for them.

The problem with this is Beacon needs to know a bit about the destination server to do its job correctly. It would also be nice for these users to select files on their own, rather than being at the mercy of a random stranger.

To assist these users, it is now possible to browse the community documents right on the website. There are filters to show only documents compatible with certain maps, and even a way to exclude documents that are not compatible with the console versions of Ark.

This browser will also create a Game.ini just like Beacon does. Just set the Max Dino Level, and if the document supports multiple maps, choose the maps to be included. Then users can choose to either create a brand new Game.ini, paste their current Game.ini, or upload their current Game.ini.

The online document browser is a fantastic way for users with restricted devices to get in on the custom loot party.

Improved Mod Support

To date, not a single mod author has listed their creation with Beacon. That's unfortunate. Part of this has to do with the gateway to entry, which will be improved. In the future, it will be possible to create an account on this website and register a mod without downloading Beacon. I'm simply not ready for that yet.

In the meantime, I've prepared a guide explaining the steps and options available to mod authors.

On top of that, the new mods page lists all currently supported mods. Ark's official DLC's are listed as mods too for organizational purposes. Clicking a mod shows all engrams and loot sources provided by that mod. This mod support also improves the document browser, as it can now identify exactly which mods each document uses, as long as that mod is registered with Beacon.

With this improved mod support comes a nice surprise. Structures Plus and Primitive+ engrams are now officially included in Beacon's database!

Comprehensive Search

The sidebar now includes a search field. Just type, it'll find stuff. Help articles, mods, engrams, community documents - most of the website can be found with this search field.

And Finally, This Blog

Hopefully I'll put out developer updates every so often for the benefit of those who don't talk to me on Discord.

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