Some Drops Are Edited, Others Are Not

In nearly all cases, this question comes from Nitrado server admins. The problem is Nitrado's control panel. The "Engine Settings" section of the control panel can handle small amounts of config lines, but loot overrides take up literal kilobytes of text, and they just don't fit.

So if your game is only customizing some drops, it is because Nitrado's control panel is cutting your config short.

Here's what to do.

  1. Stop your server and wait at least 3 minutes. Seriously, Nitrado's own wiki says this, it's true.
  2. Under General Settings, enable Expert Mode. You will need to keep Expert Mode turned on, so get used to making your own changes to Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini. Turning on Expert Mode will preserve your existing settings.
  3. Go to the Expert Settings section.
  4. Select Game.ini from the menu and click Load File.
  5. Copy everything inside the big text box.
  6. Go to File -> Deploy in Beacon. Choose Use copy + paste to edit the Game.ini in my hosts' control panel. Beacon will immediately update the Game.ini content you copied before. Beacon will show you the new content, but you do not need to copy the new content, Beacon did it for you!
  7. Go back to Nitrado and paste over everything in the big text box.
  8. Restart your server.

You can do this as often as necessary, Beacon will preserve all settings not related to loot selection.

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