Adding Unsupported Engrams to Beacon

Beacon maintains a list of nearly all engrams, but some items such as cheat items are intentionally left off. And PC players with using mods that are not officially supported by Beacon will need to add those items too.

What You Need

Beacon needs full paths to keep track of items correctly, so you'll need the cheat giveitem command for each item you want to add. The cheat gfi and cheat giveitemnum variants will not work. Then you'll provide them to Beacon using one of the options below.

Beacon will not import duplicates. It's perfectly safe to import content that may contain duplicates or items already imported, as Beacon will simply ignore the duplicates.

Adding from a Website

In the Library drawer on the left, press the Engrams button. This button looks like a handgun. In that drawer, press the Import from URL button. When prompted, enter the address of the page containing the cheat codes. If you've already copied the address, Beacon will have it filled in for you.

Enter the website address in the "Import from URL" dialog.

This works with most websites, but some sites such as Goole Docs will not work with Beacon.

Adding from the Clipboard

When adding from a website isn't practical, you can also copy the cheat codes for Beacon to import. Beacon can find any number of codes through just about any formatting, so selecting and copying an entire column of codes from a Google Docs spreadsheet should work just fine. Or all the content in a Steam Community page, for example. If you've copied at least one matching cheat code, the Import from Clipboard button will enable. All you need to do is click it.

Adding from a File

Beacon can also import from a file on your computer. Just like the other methods, formatting is not important to Beacon. Select a file containing the codes in some form and Beacon will try to find them.

After the Import

No matter which import method is used, Beacon will show the Engrams Manager when finished so you can make adjustments. Beacon can only guess at the item names based on the path, so you may want to rename the items imported. For example, the Berrybush Seed used in the above example image will be imported as Seed Test. Clicking an engram name in the row will allow you to edit the name.

Clicking the engram name in the row will allow you to edit the name.

You can also use the checkboxes on the right to change attributes such as map availability.

When you're done, the item or items should appear in your engram lists.

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